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About Us

Committed to Quality


Its important to us that your home or office receives the best scent throw possible. Each candle is hand poured using the best quality ingredients.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


We will make effort to ensure that you are a happy customer. If you are not satisfied with your product we will happily issue a 50% credit towards your next item.

Soothing Scents


Each of Arky's Spoken Scents has been prayed over with a special scripture embedded in the middle just for you. We pray that when you see and read your spoken word, that you will find peace in any situation. We want to be your number one candle store producing high quality candles, melts, sprays, and scent sachets! 


About the Founder and CEO

Pamela started Arky's World in November 2014, after losing her son Kortez, who at the time was 18 years of age, to a horrible act of gun violence in December 2013. This event was life changing and Pamela was determined to keep Kortez's memories alive and to make a positive legacy out of a negative situation. She knew that what the devil meant for bad God would turn around for good. 

Arky was the nickname given to Kortez when he, his mother, and brothers moved to Cleveland, the city where he also loss his life. Because he was from Arkansas, his friends simply called him Arky. Pamela decided to carry on with the name after his death, birthing "Arky's World" with hopes of creating a legacy on her son's behalf. She would also let the world know that through all of your hurt and pain God still heals and delivers; that you can find comfort, love, and strength through Christ if you put him first. 

Pamela wants to be that friend to every grieving parent who has loss a child to violence; someone parents can talk to and find some solitude in knowing that you are not in this club alone. Her goal is to help parents celebrate the life of their child and to cope with the day to day process of starting life all over. She wants to offer spiritual guidance and a path to normalcy. In order to make that happen she needed funds. And soon God Gave the vision for Arky's Spoken Scents where she would make candles and other home, and car fragrances, giving 30% of the proceeds to Arky's World. She placed scriptures in all her jar candles, becoming the candle company that offers the only candle With a spoken word. Pamela has now extended her product line to offer custom candles, homemade body butters and body sprays!

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Arky's Spoken Scents was created with your home and soul in mind.  Every purchase made helps our nonprofit organization, Arky's World, founded by owner Pamela Smith, support parents that have lost a child to gun violence.  Bringing awareness to gun violence, Arky's World also gives kids and teens a safe place to go with trustworthy staff, foundational excellence, mentoring, and tutoring.

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